ArticlesJude Kelly OBE:
Project Manager Extraordinaire

by Alison Duffy

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Thomas Edison:
Father of Innovation Management

by Roger Neill

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101 Things to Know About
Managing Projects

(that they probably didn’t tell you on the training course)
by Roger Neill

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Ideas into Action Masterclass

On Tuesday 24th June 2008, we held our ‘Ideas into Action’ masterclass at Shakespeare’s Globe in London.

We had recently conducted some research amongst senior and middle managers and found that many organisations still seemed to have difficulty moving good, new ideas, speedily and successfully, though to implementation.  With this in mind, at the masterclass, we addressed a number of the major barriers people encounter, among them:

Managing and simplifying complex internal processes - and "hurdling" the barriers
Pushback from senior management
Getting everyone pulling in the same direction together
Shrinking the time-frame (a lot)
Managing risk while working at speed
Protecting the "big idea"
Involving consumers and customers directly in the creative development process

Roger Neill led the masterclass and we were joined by two very special guests.  Jude Kelly, Artistic Director of the Southbank Centre in London and Thomas Edison (courtesy of the actor, Philip Bird).  Why Edison?  Well, he was the great pioneer of innovation project management and father of the light bulb and the phonograph.  A great historic figure from whom we can all learn.

Read more about Jude Kelly, what she shared with us and feedback from the project managers who attended the event.

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