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Facilitation Masterclass

On Thursday 6th November 2008 we held our new Facilitation Masterclass at Shakespeare's Globe in London.

Participants working together

We chose Facilitation because these days, just about everyone, at every level and in every function, has to facilitate meetings and workshops of one sort or another - without necessarily having the right skills to do the job well. Our aim was to focus on building flexible new expertise and self-confidence so that attendees could go on to facilitate large and small groups addressing a wide range of issues: the development of new strategies, new visions, new ways of working, new products and services, technical and scientific problems, promotional ideas, everyday meetings and so on.

Amongst the topics covered were:

How to build a powerful climate of creativity and mutual support
How to get everyone pitching in
How to deal with difficult people (and bosses)
How to help participants get out of the stranglehold of the past
How to grow your own personal awareness - not only of what people are saying, but also of what they are thinking and feeling
How to help people solve the knotty problems, the shadows, that lie between ideas and reality
How to maintain momentum and purpose
How to design the right process plans and prepare participants
How to build clarity of outcomes and personal commitment to act
How to simultaneously serve the team and remain in charge of the process

Roger Neil conducted the Masterclass. Roger was lead facilitator at Synectics over two decades, working with every kind of organisation around the world and he has been lucky enough to be regarded by colleagues and clients as setting the standard and also pioneering new techniques and approaches. He shared with the group what he has learned over the years together with some insightful stories and amusing anecdotes.

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