ArticlesJude Kelly OBE:
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by Alison Duffy

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Thomas Edison:
Father of Innovation Management

by Roger Neill

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101 Things to Know About
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by Roger Neill

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Introducing the Innovation Cauldron®

While most organisations create a steady stream of incremental innovations, many have great difficulty creating real breakthroughs.  We have designed the Innovation Cauldron® to create an environment for such organisations, in which breakthrough innovations can happen or wicked problems can be solved.

An Innovation Cauldron® event is a remarkable, themed event in an inspiring venue.  It takes place over three days, during which participants are given time and space to think, explore and express themselves.  They explore ideas using a variety of creativity techniques from business and the arts, and are supported, encouraged and pushed to the edge by experienced facilitators.  By working with others, individuals share ideas, collaborate and create something new together.  It is intense but also hugely enjoyable.

In advance, participants are advised that they will be doing something very different and they must be willing to suspend their disbelief.  Just as in theatre, they must be willing to enter a different world for a short while to experience something potentially transformational.

During the three days, the group goes on a journey together.  By day three , they are brought back to ‘normality’ in order to make it as easy as possible for them to take what they have worked on back into the business and to make it work.

This Innovation Cauldron® event provides a melting pot for ideas.  It creates an environment in which diverse views, experience and knowledge can be brought together in order to create step-change.  Participants are invited to work together to share ideas, to explore possibilities and to shape solutions, in a manner they have not experienced before.

If you would like to talk to us about creating an Innovation Cauldron® event for your organisation, please contact us by email or call us on 01869 810160.

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