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Roger Neill was interviewed on 5 April by Radio New Zealand’s Bryan Crump 

Listen to the 20 minute discussion by clicking HERE

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17 March, 2023 (Sydney)

The Simonsens of St Kilda: A Family of Singers (Lecture) at Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

This lecture was also livestreamed via Zoom. 


22 March, 2023 (Melbourne)

An Evening with Roger Neill at Arts Centre Melbourne

Roger shared some fascinating stories from his illustrious career and insights from his new book, The Simonsens of St Kilda.

This event was proudly presented by Theatre Heritage Australia in association with Arts Centre Melbourne.

Photo of Roger Neill © Toffael Rashid

Latest Blogs

Bewitching: Frances Alda, the once forgotten rival of Nellie Melba

BEWITCHING: Frances Alda, the once forgotten rival of Nellie Melba  Whilst Melba is well known to Australians, one of the nation’s icons, Alda has been substantially forgotten.  Yet she was one of the world’s greatest sopranos, sufficiently outstanding to have been...

Phoebus Apollo driving the Horses of the Sun

Phoebus Apollo driving the Horses of the SunWaking in Australia, first light streaming through the window, or better still noticing dawn creeping over the horizon from the inside of the early morning flight over the mountains towards Botany Bay, one is immediately...

Empress Elisabeth of Austria goes hunting at Astrop

Empress Elisabeth of Austria goes hunting at AstropI’ve recently been doing some work on the decline and fall of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and on the rise of opera in Naples, and it all jogged my memory of the day that the Empress Elisabeth of Austria went hunting...

My Life In Art

My Life In ArtI grew up in a house in the English Midlands with few pictures on the walls, but nothing I recognised as ‘art’, and it was only when I took a job in advertising in London in the mid-1960s that I decided to explore that world. So, on my way to and from...


“Having been brought up myself in Melbourne, the story of all the Simonsens of St Kilda is absolutely fascinating – brought vividly to life by Roger Neill”

Danielle de Niese

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